Legal & Regulatory in the 2020’s – How Legal, Government Affairs and Compliance Professionals Can Prepare For Unprecedented Challenges and Opportunities

We all know the legal and regulatory ecosystem is changing rapidly, and that organizations must leverage technology and new service models to achieve legal and compliance goals. This group-powered roundtable discussion will explore how innovative clients, technology, and service providers can reengineer the delivery of services and information to tackle unprecedented challenges. We’ve gathered your peers and industry experts for an off-the-record conversation to discuss legal transformation as well as its impact on organizational culture and business performance.

We’ll address:

  • Big Data Collides with Legal, Compliance & Government Affairs – How do you keep pace with the volume and velocity of legislative and regulatory change, data metrics and analytics? How can you manage data breach, privacy, workplace harassment, and other critical and exploding risks?
  • Be a Partner, not a Blocker – How can you be a more strategic business enabler by driving and delivering efficient and effective information and services?
  • Are the Robots Going to Take our Jobs? (Or just the boring parts that robots can actually do?) Learn from your peers about how they are using expert systems and other forms of artificial intelligence to put actionable answers and advice at clients’ fingertips.
  • Prove It – How can you measure and monitor your progress against the ever-expanding list of demands?

Our moderator will be Dave Curran, Chief Business Officer, FiscalNote.
Dave is a former GC, CCO, and Global Director of Risk and Compliance at Thomson Reuters. With his deep experience at the intersection of business, law, technology, and compliance, Dave has done extensive work with RegTech, Fin Tech and artificial intelligence with large and mid-cap public companies as well as venture-backed early stage and entrepreneurial businesses. Please join our Roundtable to share your perspectives, network with peers and learn best practices from experts. No presentations, just a genuine, facilitated, off-the-record conversation about Legal, Government Affairs & Compliance in the 2020s!


Mar 14 2019


3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


JP Morgan Chase
Chicago, IL


Actuate Law

Other Organizers

Thomson Reuters
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