Modern Challenges Collide with Traditional Public Policy, Legal, Compliance & Risk Functions

Moderated by FiscalNote’s Dave Curran as well as Conor Griffin from the Economist Group.

In-house professionals and their external partners are struggling to keep up with unprecedented
challenges posed by Sustainability, ESG, Cyber, Blockchain, Big Data and other societal shifts.
Underfunded and siloed functions, coupled with outdated technologies and processes, cannot keep
pace with regulatory and reputational threats.

We will gather an intimate group (35 to 40) of your senior peers and subject-matter and industry
experts for a real-world, off-the-record conversation focusing on:

  • How in-house executives need to adapt to the new world order and move from reactive to
    strategic, with enhanced linkages to an organization’s business mandates.
  • How you keep pace with the volume and velocity of data & analytics and be a more strategic
    partner and business enabler.
  • How you operationalize the “Super Law” brought about by CSR and Sustainability best
    practices and continue to focus not only on what is legal, but on broader public commitments.
  • How your role needs to evolve to handle demands related to automation, virtual workforces
    and employees and other stakeholders?
  • Best practices for partnering with outside service and technology providers.
  • How you track, measure and monitor your progress against the ever-expanding list of

Join our breakfast roundtable on 2 April 2019 to share your perspectives, network with peers and learn
best practices from experts. No presentations or pitches, just a genuine, facilitated conversation.


Apr 02 2019


8:00 am - 10:00 am


The Economist Group
London, U.K.


The Economist Group

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