Real World Implications of #MeToo – Transforming the Legal Ecosystem Series – Part VII

Hosted by FiscalNote, Her Justice, Meridian International Center, Thomson Reuters and The 3M Company

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Reaction to our six 2018-2019 #MeToo discussions was overwhelmingly positive, so we wanted to invite
you to our next roundtable discussion on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, at The 3M Company. The discussion will
focus on the role lawyers, government affairs, and communications executives play in the increasingly
stormy waters surrounding sexual abuse and other corporate misconduct.

C-Suite executives and Boards are struggling with how to contend with 24/7 media coverage, public
outrage and evolving corporate cultures. Much of the media focus has, understandably, been on the most
notorious offenders and high-profile celebrities. But lawyers, and others in the legal ecosystem, not CEOs,
are on the front lines of crafting settlement and severance agreements. What should in-house and outside
counsel do to address the rapidly changing demands associated with #MeToo and related movements?

On May 14th, we will again gather an intimate group (35 to 40) of your senior peers and subject-matter
and industry experts to examine the very real, and often overlooked, legal ecosystem. This off-the-record
conversation will cover:

• The impact of the new world order on ethics and corporate culture
• How lawyers need to adapt to high profile legal, operational and reputational challenges
• How heightened public and government scrutiny has changed the role of lawyers and others in the
legal ecosystem
• How public interest organizations and pro bono providers are helping give a voice to women and
other victims
• How organizations can move from crisis to control, and from reaction to prevention
• How corporate social responsibility, inclusion and diversity organizations are effecting change


May 14 2019


8:00 am - 10:00 am


3M Innovation Center
Washington, D.C.



Other Organizers

Her Justice
Meridian International Center
Thomson Reuters
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