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FNEI Partnership Overview

Thank you for considering a partnership opportunity to create a thought leadership program with the FiscalNote Executive Institute (FNEI). Here are some helpful resources and deliverables we jointly develop and share with organizations to ensure a great discussion:

Partnership expectations and commitments:

Both FNEI and the partner organization will actively invite senior executives to programs, using their respective communication outlets, and taking into account the closed-door format.
Partners are welcome to suggest good speakers, including moderators, that engage your own communities and make the program useful and relevant to your network.
FNEI creates an external invite list so the partner organization can see who FNEI is inviting and vice versa, to ensure there is no overlap.
All invited participants must register through the registration link FNEI provides. To help partners keep track of who has RSVPed, FNEI monitors registrations and shares updates with the partner organization on registrations on a weekly basis leading up to the event.
FNEI sees our partnerships as mutually beneficial opportunities to expand our networks, gain brand visibility through cross-promotion and networking, and share resources.

Cross-promotional communications:

Email invite: We’ll create and generate an email invite with both of our logos that you can use to share with your network.
Program description: FNEI works with the partner to create and finalize a program description, which is used to promote the event on FNEI’s website, social media, and through email communications. Partner is also responsible for promoting the program on these outlets, using content and the shared registration link FNEI provides.
Promotional graphic: FNEI designs a social media graphic that partners are welcome to use and share on social media. Please be sure to send FNEI a high-res logo for your organization that we can include in the graphic’s design, as part of co-branding the event.
Social media posts: We create regular social media content leading up to an event that partner organizations are welcome to borrow from or share directly with their own LinkedIn networks. We also encourage speakers to share our posts, as well.
Pre-reads email: We’ll collaborate with the partner on drafting a pre-reads email with select thought leadership content that sets the stage for the discussion and highlights speakers, partner’s research, etc.
Executive Summary: Following the program, FNEI will draft an Executive Summary that we make available to the partner organization for you to share and disseminate with your own network and use to promote the discussion as needed.