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We’ve seen how quickly things can change when previously banned accounts are unleashed on digital platforms like Twitter. But misinformation is not a platform-specific issue: climate change, healthcare, and smear campaigns connecting companies to world powers like China and Russia are all growing threats that cause a ripple effect in the global economy and in corporations’ abilities to drive revenue and mitigate reputational risk.

Join the FiscalNote Executive Institute Feb 8. from 10-11 a.m. ET for a virtual strategy session as you prepare for the new year. Featured guests include Josh Haecker, Chief Executive Officer at Predata; Dr. Megha Kumar, Deputy Director of Analysis (Cybersecurity and Technology) at Oxford Analytica; and Katie Harbath, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Anchor Change. We will organize attendees into online breakout sessions where they can ask questions, share ideas and challenges, and speak directly to key experts.


Featured Presenters

Josh Haecker
Chief Executive Officer, Predata

Dr. Megha Kumar
Deputy Director of Analysis (Cybersecurity and Technology), Oxford Analytica

Katie Harbath
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Anchor Change