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Measuring the effectiveness of allied and adversary influence and messaging efforts has long been a problem for Information and Intelligence professionals in the National Security arena. Commercial businesses have had substantial success in this field, particularly in marketing and social media, and many commercial technologies and tools have direct application to National Security problem sets. The combination of public sector tradecraft with private sector technology can enable unprecedented awareness of messaging effectiveness which can allow National Security practitioners to adjust their messaging campaigns in near real time so they remain relevant to changing events.

Join the Information Professionals Association, Predata, and the FiscalNote Executive Institute on Oct. 5 from 4-5 p.m. EDT for an invitation-only, in-depth discussion with US Government, Academia and Industry leaders about how private sector technologies are enabling government efforts to measure messaging effectiveness, and the implications for advancing national and international security. Featured speakers include J.D. Maddox, internationally recognized expert on subjects of influence and political violence and CEO of Inventive Insights LLC; Logan Harr, Principal Director, Integrated Sensing and Cyber at OSD R&E; Shaila Manyam, Senior Vice President, Client Lead and Senior Director, Public Affairs & Crisis at BCW Global; and Josh Haecker, Chief Executive Officer at Predata, will facilitate the conversation.

The event will be held at FiscalNote’s offices located at 1201 Pennsylvania Ave. Attendees are invited to join speakers for a rooftop reception from 5-6 p.m. EDT directly following the program.

This program will cover:

  • How can government agencies and companies foster new PPPs to solve national security problems?
  • What steps should be taken to help competing firms in the commercial sector cooperate in support of national security?
  • How do perspectives of the information environment differ between public- and private-sector companies?
  • How do we create opportunities that ensure government agencies are more accessible and open to the idea of collaboration with industry leaders?
  • What is the role of legislation and policy in creating trust and best practices in support of USG efforts in the Information Environment?


Featured Presenters

J.D. Maddox
Founder & CEO, Inventive Insights LLC

Logan Harr
Principal Director, Integrated Sensing and Cyber, OSD R&E

Shaila Manyam
Senior Vice President, Client Lead and Senior Director, Public Affairs & Crisis, BCW Global

Josh Haecker
Chief Executive Officer, Predata