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Dear FNEI Community,

I’m thrilled to share that 2022 was a truly remarkable year for the FiscalNote Executive Institute. I’m amazed by what our community of senior leaders, partner organizations, and supporters created and accomplished together!

Thanks to you, FNEI helped participants gain new insights about emerging issues, get answers to pressing questions, and create powerful connections among diverse leaders. We expanded our network and programming by providing timely perspectives on top issues, including electoral reform, AI and ethics, the geopolitical risk of the China-Russia alliance, the politicization of ESG, and gender equity. We also explored new content and programming formats, launching continuing legal education courses, virtual strategy sessions, and more. These efforts earned us our second Stevie Award, this time at the international level, and inspired us to reach new levels of growth.

I invite you to take a moment to celebrate our collective achievements by reflecting on three ideas that guided our success in 2022.

We strengthened our community through in-person togetherness

In 2022, there was nothing more powerful than reconnecting with people in real life after months — in some cases years — of not being together. FNEI organized in-person programs across the U.S. and Europe, including:

  • Bringing government leaders and company executives together to discuss geopolitical risk and technology issues in Washington, D.C. Two in-person events focused on open-source intelligence and the role of public-private partnerships in assessing messaging effectiveness. Each event featured top-ranking agency speakers and created the perfect setting for timely conversations and forging new connections to support innovation and inter-agency problem-solving, in collaboration with the private sector.
  • Networking among our FNEI Advisory Board members and New York community at Diageo’s World Trade Center bar. It was a true social highlight of 2022 spending time in the Big Apple with fabulous people and a spectacular view.
  • Organizing intimate, informal happy hours for women leading sustainability and ESG in Washington, D.C., and San Francisco in partnership with Bridge Partners. Stay tuned for more opportunities at new destinations in 2023!
  • Facilitating face-to-face conversations with key contacts worldwide in New York, Brussels, London, and San Francisco. These meetings helped FNEI better understand senior leaders’ most pressing issues and determine how to support them through our community and resources.

We stayed in forefront of hyper-relevant and emerging issues

Thank you to our strong network of contacts who generously share their insights. Here are some projects we created together:

  • U.S. companies scrambled to figure out how to respond to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. FNEI crowdsourced useful strategies for addressing this development in an FNEI Insights blog series that featured in-depth video interviews with top experts in our community.
  • Extraordinary women continued defining opportunities in emerging industries like telehealth, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse. In March 2022, for Women’s History Month, FNEI celebrated the innovation and leadership of several experts in our network who are making a huge impact in these highly regulated industries as part of a special “Women in the Lead” video series.
  • To truly support diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility (DEIBA), companies were pushed to demonstrate actionable impact. In 2022, FNEI shed light on the important work supporting digital equity, disability inclusion, LGBTQ rights, Latino leadership, and gender equity. We featured companies’ latest efforts as part of FNEI Insights, and teamed up with award-winning journalist Mary C. Curtis to co-produce her “Equal Time” podcast, which delves into the latest current events that affect social justice and equity.


We reimagined virtual conversations and launched new professional development resources

During the pandemic, FNEI missed our in-person roundtables and wondered if we’d ever be able to capture anything remotely similar online. In 2022 we developed a virtual format that was very engaging and well-received! We also expanded our professional development offerings by launching a Continuing Legal Education Series with Paul Weiss’ ESG & Law Institute.

  • FNEI reimagined what a virtual strategy session could be like as part of “Unmasking ESG,” featuring Oxford Analytica’s advisors and ESG contacts in our network. Audience members voted on key questions in polls and then moved into smaller, curated, breakout groups facilitated by featured guests to answer the selected questions. Volunteers of each group presented findings to the entire audience after being reunited in the original Zoom. It was dynamic, interactive, and one of our best moments for trying new things in 2022!
  • Executives in FNEI’s network for the latest on “ESG & Law 101” and “AI and Ethics” by participating in our Continuing Legal Education Series, created in partnership with Paul Weiss’ ESG & Law Institute. These online educational sessions helped senior leaders get up to speed on timely challenges in their industries, and were supplemented with on-demand videos for further review.

Once again, thanks for your support and involvement. We’re so proud to have reached new levels of excellence in 2022 with all of you and can’t wait to unveil 2023 plans.

Happy holidays! As always, please reach out if you have any ideas, feedback, or want to get more involved.

Becca Bycott

Director of Thought Leadership and Engagement