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The people who make up the FiscalNote Executive Institute network are thoughtful, interesting leaders who generously and regularly share wisdom you can’t stop thinking about long after the conversation is over. 

FNEI had a chance to hear from Patrica Villarreal Tamez, Senior Policy Advisor, U.S. Power, Shell Corporate Relations team, about what leading by example means, as part of our Keep a Seat Over Lunch discussion series about how work culture is changing. Here are some great points she made highlighting how executives can lead with intention, purpose, and empathy:

“I want to be worth knowing rather than well known.”
It means so much more to be a good person and authentic leader rather than someone who only pursues career success for personal gain and visibility. 

“It’s important to create an environment where people feel welcome to be themselves.”
Lead by example by implementing best practices that help your work community feel they can be productive while being authentic. For example, encouraging your team members to set healthy boundaries between work and personal life by letting them know they’re not obligated to answer emails around the clock and should step away and recharge as part of supporting creativity and productivity and taking care of themselves and loved ones.

“Progress moves at the pace of trust.”
Good leaders create a work environment where team members feel okay about being honest and sharing concerns as part of regular communication. They make progress possible because people feel like they’re part of a culture that values their well being and productivity, and gives them room to grow and improve through constructive feedback and take on new challenges and initiatives.

“We need to put more value into growing into leadership with intention.”
The pandemic brought out the best and the worst in leadership, and there’s never been a more important moment for leaders to make a commitment to keep learning and improving, as part of their own professional development.

Thanks again to Patricia for sharing her ideas with us as part of FNEI’s Keep a Seat Over Lunch series.