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The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade raises new questions about data privacy, with scrutiny on certain types of data such as search histories, location information of users at abortion clinics, and the use of reproductive health apps. The decision also creates new urgency for companies to respond directly to the ruling, keeping their various stakeholders in mind. These developments raise new questions such as:

  • What does data privacy look like for companies in a post-Roe era?
  • Will some corporations’ promises to help employees with reproductive care clash with their history of donating to trigger law sponsors and supporting elected officials who celebrate the end of Roe v. Wade?
  • How will companies’ reactions to Roe v. Wade shape corporate policy?
  • Will companies’ responses to Roe v. Wade – or their intention to stay out of the fray – set a new precedent for the public’s expectations for companies addressing high-stakes political issues?

FNEI spoke to Brian Kropp, Group Vice President and Chief of HR Research, Gartner, about what new challenges the Supreme Court ruling raises for employees and companies. View video now.