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The past couple of years have revealed how risky it can be for companies to take a stand – or stand down – on highly contested issues, including supporting abortion and voters’ rights, firearms, and funding fossil fuel projects.

The latest development in corporate activism that’s keeping senior executives up at night? The slew of laws that take aim at Wall Street and pose business restrictions on companies in different states, with officials citing stakeholder capitalism that clashes with their social views and that of their constituents.

The FiscalNote Executive Institute is hosting an invitation-only, in person, roundtable discussion, on Sept. 29 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET to help senior leaders share challenges and best practices and refine their strategies on corporate activism and ESG as it relates to state-level legislation. Featured guests include Bob Grohowski, VP, Legislative & Regulatory Affairs at T. Rowe-Price, Hanna Abou-El-Seoud, Nestlé US Director of Corporate and Government Affairs, and Glenn Nye, CEO of the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress (CSPC). Other speakers TBD. Organized in partnership with the CSPC, “States Strike Back: When Your Company’s Public Position Clashes with Elected Officials’ Policies” will address the following:

  • What can government affairs leaders do to stay on top of challenges at the state level that undermine their operations and pose reputational risks?
  • Which industries are currently most vulnerable and how are they affected?
  • How can companies depoliticize ESG and bring it back to the basics?
  • What does state legislation aimed at companies reveal about midterm elections and the future of business?

This event will be held at the CSPC office located at 601 13th St. NW Suite 1050N, Washington, DC 20005, and include lunch for all participants. Please note all attendees will be asked to adhere to contemporary D.C. guidelines for COVID safety.


Featured Presenters

Bob Grohowski
VP, Legislative & Regulatory Affairs, T. Rowe Group

Helen Abou-El-Seoud
US Director of Corporate and Government Affairs, Nestlé

Glenn Nye
President and CEO, CSPC